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    Hardware, software and IT services at a fixed price per user and per month

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    Costs predictability and reduction, downtimes elimination, adapted solutions

What is NGIT ?

We provide an all-in-one package that includes hardware, software and IT services at a fixed price per user and per month.

NGIT Introduction

IT as a Service

The IT industry has hoped for years for the delivery of IT as a service. This vision has remained inaccessible for many companies until a recent convergence of events.

Today, the maturity of virtualization technology coupled with an unprecedented economic pressure for new models of doing business are accelerating the adoption of multi-tenant and cloud computing solutions.

For all these reasons, solutions turning IT into a service are now both more accessible and more affordable. NGIT is the result of these efforts and transformed this vision in a concrete mission statement. 

More than a Private Cloud Provider

Cloud computing is a way of delivering IT services to users without having to buy, install and manage any infrastructure. Software and services are acceded over the internet. NGIT offers more than a pure cloud computing facility. We become the IT Department of our customers, therefore:

1. We maintain a central infrastructure in our highly secured data centers on which all customers IT services are running. This infrastructure is the core foundation containing servers, storage, firewall, backup and software.

2. We manage on-premise IT equipment like computers, network, phones and video conference endpoints.

3. We manage the interconnection between customer's office(s) and datacenters.

4. IT Service Desk technicians can quickly help users remotely on their machine or on site 24x7x4.

5. A pool of senior IT engineers is able to accompany customers in their IT projects.

Other Cloud Computing solutions cover solely the first point, when NGIT takes care of all IT from the resources to the delivery. There's no need to worry about how things are being maintained behind the scene, you simply purchase the IT service you require as you would do for any other utility. 

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Predictability and reduction of IT costs

Removal of capital expenditure (CapEx)

Customers can avoid spending large amounts of capital on purchasing and installing their IT infrastructure or applications by moving to the NGIT model.

Capital expenditure on IT reduces available working capital for other critical operations and business investments.

Our approach offers a simple operational expense that is easier to budget for month-by-month and our customers do not need to pay for excess resource capacity in-house to meet fluctuating demand. 

Economies of scale

NGIT customers can benefit from the economies of scale, because we use very large-scale datacenters operating at much higher efficiency levels, and multi-tenant architecture to share resources between many different customers which allow us to pass on savings to our customers.

Indeed, sharing computing power among multiple tenants can improve utilization rates, as servers are not left idle, and thus reduce costs significantly. 

Reduced administration costs

NGIT solutions can be deployed extremely quickly and managed, maintained, patched and upgraded remotely by our engineers and service desk technicians.

Technical support is provided 24x7 for no extra charge, reducing the load on internal IT staff. This means that they are free to focus on business-critical tasks, and businesses can avoid incurring additional manpower and training costs.

It makes it possible for the customer to have all of the advantages of internal experts (no permanent turnover, or delegation and dilution of responsibility) without having to pay the higher costs. 

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NGIT as a competitive advantage

Enterprise-grade service level for SMB

In general, there is a huge disparity between the IT resources available for small or medium businesses and for enterprises. NGIT makes it possible for smaller companies to compete on an even playing field with much bigger competitors.

Renting IT as a service instead of investing in hardware and software, plus paying for hours of engineers / technicians makes them much more affordable, and means that capital can instead be used for other vital projects.

NGIT takes enterprise technologies and offers them to SMBs companies for a low monthly fee that would otherwise spend hundreds of thousands of Swiss francs for the same. 

Access your data from anywhere

NGIT services let you access your applications and data securely from any location via Internet. It's easier to collaborate too; with both the application and the data stored in our datacenter(s), multiple users can work together on the same project, share data, etc... 

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Platform reliability

Redundant connections to servers

It has been pointed out that if your private optical link fails, you will not be able to access your data.

In worst-case scenarios (disaster in your office), due to anywhere access nature of our solution, users can simply connect from a different location. So, if your office connection fails and you have no redundancy you can access your data from home or from the nearest Wi-Fi enabled point. Thanks to this access, flexible remote working is easily enabled, allowing you to cut overheads, optionally meet new working regulations and keep customers happy. 

Disaster recovery and backup

Because nothing is really invulnerable, even our Tier-3 datacenter with 99.982% of availability, NGIT can provide an array of disaster recovery services, starting from a standard replicated backup to full storage area network (SAN) replication allowing your data to be stored twice at different remote locations to ensure that there's always a copy available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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Flexibility and Agility

Flexible usage of NGIT

Customers have the choice to move directly all their IT to NGIT or to opt for gradual migration.

Indeed, some customers would like to wait until the end of amortization period before changing all their equipments. Others prefer keeping equipments in their premises. In both cases, because our staff is composed of skilled engineers, we can create custom-made solutions and use solely a part of our NGIT solutions.

A myriad of services are available in our infrastructure and customers have the choice to consume them "a la carte". 

Scalability on demand

Scalability and flexibility are highly valuable advantages offered by NGIT, allowing customers to react quickly to changing IT needs, adding or subtracting capacity and users as and when required and responding to real rather than projected requirements. Customers benefit from greater elasticity of resources, without paying a premium for large scale.

Improved resource utilization

Combining resources into large clouds reduces costs and maximizes utilization by delivering resources only when they are needed. Businesses don't need to worry about over-provisioning for a service whose use does not meet their predictions, or under-provisioning for one that becomes unexpectedly popular.

By confiding their IT to NGIT, customers can free up precious time, efforts and budgets to remain concentrated on their real job of exploiting technology and improve the mission of the company. 

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IT Complexity is released

Standards Platforms

From an end-user perspective, our solution is entirely compliant with industry standards that are well known by a very large public (see our partners list for details). For this reason, the change is not really important for new users joining NGIT and they don't need a lot of time to accustom and figure out how to work efficiently using their new platforms.

The platform we provide to our customers is composed of high quality products totally mastered by our engineers. 

Service Desk

Our IT Service Desk is composed of IT specialists perfectly trained to support specific pieces of hardware and software ensuring the efficiency and the professionalism of their interventions.

Like a normal IT department, each IT technician in charge of a customer is introduced to all employees and goes regularly in their offices in order to assist and train them directly and concretely on their desktop.

Of course, our Service Desk relies on a software tool to manage customers' requests and incidents, list equipments and software, and maintain knowledge base for self service support. 

Next Generation IT Managed Services

More than a traditional Services Desk, we can offer our customers to accompany them in the realization of all their IT projects from A to Z.

The multidisciplinarity of our senior engineers in addition to their deep knowledge of our infrastructure make it possible for customers to have a single point of contact to answer all their IT related questions.

The existence of this single representative is an enormous factor in reduction of project risks. 

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