NGIT Accelerators

NGIT Accelerators

November 15 – Geneva

Author: SuperUser Account/Saturday, November 15, 2014/Categories: NGIT

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By extending the delivery of some particular IT core services outside NGIT boundaries, we propose to non-NGIT customers to benefit on-premises of some "As-a-Service" solutions to accelerate their business!

Those standalone NGIT services are delivered and paid on-demand, keeping the scalability, flexibility and control on prices which are the fuel of cloud solutions. Our customers don’t have to invest in hardware, software and services to receive the solution integrated in their existing infrastructure.

This kind of service delivery is particular appreciated by company having already an internal IT team because they can rely on NGIT to setup (quickly & efficiently) and manage these services.

We based our solutions on standard market products (guarantee of quality) but we provide to our customers some simplified administration consoles with a full set of documentations and dynamic reports. That contributes to reduce the learning curve for the internal IT team since they just have to operate an existing solution in order to deliver the service to end-users.  

We propose following NGIT accelerators:

  • NGIT Managed Computers (OS, Apps and Patches deployments)
  • NGIT Managed Monitoring
  • NGIT Managed Service Desk
  • NGIT Managed Backup
  • NGIT Managed Email Filtering
  • NGIT Managed Infrastructure (Servers, Storage, Hypervisor management)

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